TDIDI Disc Dye Gallery

It's All About the Journey

What started several decades ago as a bored student in the back row of class doodling on the flip side of my notebooks, eventually resurfaced and manifested itself reborn in the form of Sharpies on the flip side of my discs.  Sharpies soon gave way to dyes (not to mention all the shaving cream and cocoa butter that our local dollar store carried) and poof, like that a new passion was born.  Several hundred discs deep into the wormhole now and the hobby that matured into a passion has since evolved into a true Zen exorcise.  

Every one of the discs pictured below is so much more than just inked up plastic.  They’re all another step in the journey toward straightening out my crooked dome while growing the sport that I love so much.  I hope you enjoy your trip through our discology, and that it inspires you to start your own.

Fresh Off the TDIDI Turntable

These are the freshest pickings hot off the TDIDI turntable.  Still getting a little better with each disc, and still getting filled with that “Hell Yeah” energy that comes from Doing It after holding each finished disc up in the end!  This section is fed directly in from our Instagram page and will be filled with the freshest of fresh pickings every time you come back for more!

In a Time Before Instagram

Confessedly that time wasn’t too far back for Old Man Cobbers who didn’t hop on the social media train until pretty late in life.  Most of my development as a disc dyer came long before I decoded posting pictures to Instagram.  I’ve obviously gotten better at this over time so the discs above may look cooler or better than what’s to follow, but it’s about the journey and that can be found from here down.  From the first disc I flipped over and started doodling on with Sharpie, to the first discs I actually dyed, all the way through to today, the whole journey is here broken down by category to for you see.

Old Man Cobber's Favorites

My personal favorites seemed like a good place to start.  The “Hell Yeah!” that echoed out of my camper once each of these was finished could be heard for miles, or at least half way down the block.  Some because a new technique worked, others because the colors slammed, one or two from hitting the nail right on the head.  None of them perfect by a long shot, but all of them chock-full of the kind of awesome that lets pride creep in and fill you up with enough juice for days.  These are the spoils of Doing It!

So Nostaligic...

Nostalgia has probably been the well of inspiration we’ve dropped our bucket into the most.  The movies and cartoons from our youth, or the stacks of Garbage Pail Kids and comics books, don’t forget the tunes we used to jam out to.  It all brings us back to a simpler time when play matter more than pay, and deserves its’ place on our precious plastic circles.  Click on any of them to bring up the large version.


Going Spin Crazy

There’s no question the most therapeutic exercise in the disc dyeing game is spin dyeing!  It’s so easy to fall into it and get lost in the circles.  These are some of the discs that feature that therapy alone.  No stencils or background dips, just a turntable, a brush, and some dye…maybe a little glue here and there.  

Playing in the Dark

What can I say, I have a thing for the black light.  At first I just loved how it brought out so many hidden colors and designs, then I was like wait…hidden colors and designs! In this section you’ll find some of my favorite discs that just look awesome under the black light, and others that where made to be fully revealed under it.

TDIDI Huck Faces

A couple of years back, still pretty early on in my disc dyeing career, I got all fancy and decided to make some Huck Face discs for the boys as Christmas gifts. There’s obvious room for improvement in all of them, but these are five of my favorite discs to come off the TDIDI Turntable!

Squeezing 'em All In!

It would appear that we’ve stretched the bandwidth of this page to its’ absolute limits.  In an effort to still display them all and the bench marks along the journey they represent, we had to crush the following galleries down into these drop downs below.  They’re not quite as fancy looking as the other galleries here…but the page loads.  Just click any of the categories below to see more, and on any of the pictures within to see a larger version.

This section is for all you die hard fans out there, the jersey wearing, face painting, tailgating crazies who can’t wait for gameday!  I know the feeling well, and you can see some of my Philly fandom represented in the plastic below.  Let’s all just pretend I didn’t have to make a Cowboys disc…  Rah Rah Rah, go sports!

Fancy detailed stencils are awesome and all, but there’s something to be said for Swirls & Spins!  Most of these discs were the result of experimenting with a new medium or technique during one of our live stream disc dye sessions on Facebook, then finishing them off with spin dye to pretty it up.

The boys over at Kronk Disc Golf have been one of our biggest supporters from the very start!  We’re honored to have been included in events like the Inaugural Nubbs 9 which we got to make a big batch of discs for.  These guys are awesome, learn more about them on our Partners Page

This collection of discs commemorating the courses the TDIDI Huck Crew calls home will undoubtedly continue to grow.  For now these are some we’ve whipped up in their honor.

If I learned anything from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, it’s that every misfit toy deserves a home…and so does every misfit disc.  This section is for all the discs I simply just couldn’t quite think up a good category for.  Don’t be fooled by the terrible name and its’ position towards the bottom of the page, some of my favorite dyes are mixed in here.

These are the discs that TDIDI was founded on.  Long before I even knew huckers were dyeing their own plastic, I attacked my bag with a box full of Sharpies!  With no idea where scribbling on the back of my discs would lead to other than some cool looking circles, I tattooed my way through them all.  You’ll still find most of these old faithfuls in my bag waiting for their next good hucking!

Still learning something new with each disc

We All Remember Our 1st...Through 5th

We started with the freshest pickings to come off the TDIDI turntable.  Way down here at the bottom of the page we finished with the very first discs to come off the TDIDI Turntable.  These 5 pieces of beat up old plastic are where it all began a couple of years back.  These inspirational seeds have now sprouted 1000’s of TDIDI customs, and 10000’s of TDIDI Army creations.  Here’s to the next 100’s of 1000’s!

The Basics on Bone

Nickname: Bone, Boner, Wannabone

Age: Chris is the more than just the token Asian of our group, he’s also our only Millennial.

Area of Origin: Imported all the way over from under the rains of Seattle.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Signature Flip Flop Backhand Bomb

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Bone Huckface (Discmania Freak)

Favorite Fairway: The TDIDI custom Geometric Spiral Flick I stole out of Cobbers bag a couple years back.

Favorite Midrange: TDIDI custom Seattle Seahawks Skyline Innova Star Gator




Bone brings the laughter…once he finally arrives.  Seriously, try and get all the way through Hole 1 still mad at him for being late, again.  Slow as he may be getting there he’s always quick in the box, and quick with a crooked smile follow by his signature chuckle.  Along with having mastered the art of driving in flip flops, Bone helps our Huck Crew keep things light and always filled with the kind of laughter that hurts your stomach a little!  Get ’em Bone!

Favorite putter: The Judge, and the verdict is in! None of us can keep up with Bone’s short game.

Favorite course: How can you not pick Druid Hill?!? Three full 18 holes courses, awesome DG scene, and all the trees you could ever want to hit!

PDGA #: (none currently) They’re just giving those out now?

Interests outside of DG: Camping, fishing, tending to his whip, driving fast, video games, chasing Mila around the yard, pool parties, and the occassional good old fashion game of shot dog.

Sports outside of DG: Ball golf, basketball, kayaking, snow boarding, biking, can-jam, smash ball, played some mean offensive line back in the day, figure skating, and interpretive dance.

The Basics on Old Man Cobbers

Nickname: Old Man Cobbers, Cobbers, Bob Cobb, Bobby Digital, Digital

Age: Obviously the old man of the crew…the beard is greying quickly.

Area of Origin: In the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love, Go Birds!

Preferred throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Man I wish I could still throw my Thumber! While the old wing is recovering we’ll say it’s the Anny Backhand.

Favorite Driver: Scott Semposki edition “Crooked Dome” Star Sidewinder

Favorite Fairway: Tough call, but I’m going with my Champion Leopard3. Second disc I ever spun on the turntable.

Favorite Middy: Greg Renfro edition “War of the Worlds” Westside Tournament Warship


"Old Man Cobbers"

With several decades traveling around the sun, and the most senior member of our Crew, Cobbers has earned the Old Man ribbing he takes from the rest of the group.  Through all the travels and up and downs along the way, there’s always been Disc Golf there to escape to and feel like a kid again.  You can usually find him seeking that buzz that comes from one ripping off your fingertips, or spinning another fancied up piece of plastic from off his turntable in The Box.

Favorite putter:  TDIDI custom “D in the B” Discraft Zepplin. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to use it.

Favorite course: I’m a real sucker for the whole circuit of courses we regularly tour in this great state of Maryland from Kinder Farm Park, to Rockburn, to Druid Hill. But I’ll always be a Philly boy at heart, and after just one round at Sedgley Woods I knew I was home. Love that place!

PDGA #: (none currently) Afraid my rating would break the system.

Interests outside of DG: Kind of into disc dyeing, painting, fishing, camping, rebuilding my camper for a 2nd life on the road, giving Jojo NBA 2K lessons (and other video games), and piloting the TDIDI Warship.

Sports outside of DG: Basketball, kayaking, skiing, biking, billiards, darts, horseshoes, and football back in the glory days.

The Basics on Bommers

Nickname: Bommers, Boms, BomBoms, Tommy Buttcheeks, T-Cheekers

Age: He’ll never tell

Area of Origin: Straight from the center of Sin City, VEGAS BABY! Or maybe it’s from out in the cornfields of PA? Whatever, he’s here now.

Prefered throwing style: Forehand Flicker and the occasional Backhand

Favorite throw: The Flick…I just like to flick it.

Favorite Driver: Feel the wrath of the Wraith!

Favorite Fairway: Feel more of the wrath of the Wraith!

Favorite Middy: SKEETER! When you hear it yelled out good things are about to happen. …or more of the wrath of the Wraith!



Boms brings the energy!  Real piece of work that guy…  You can’t go a round without hearing him bellow out a “DEUCE”, or “UGH Upper Lipper”, or “OOOOHHH NOOOOOOO!”  Which ever it is, everyone always knows where we’re at on the course when Bommers is along announcing the good times.  He’s our group’s only regular forehand flicker and has honed his trusty Wraith in for virtually any spot on the course.  Get it Bommers!

Favorite Putter: Goes back and forth on every hole. Wizard to the Judge then back to the Wraith, seriously!

Favorite course: Boms loves that short to short layout at Calvert Road Park. Just don’t ask him to play from the long tees, Ace hunting is his thing!

PDGA #: (none currently) No chance they’d give him one.

Interests outside of DG: Camping, fishing, loves fixing and building stuff (usually after breaking it), video games, masterful with the camcorder, good food, and portion control.

Sports outside of DG: Kayaking, skiing, beer pong, cornhole, foosball, most all carnival games really (especially ringing the bell with that big hammer), can we count camping and fishing again here so I feel more like an athlete?

The Basics on 44

Nickname: 44, VP Incorporated, SPB

Age: Stopped counting years and started counting coins about 5 years back.

Area of Origin: Born here, raised here, probably die here.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand with a burgeoning Forehand Flick

Favorite throw: The 44 Hyzer Bomb

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Captain Caveman (Champion Blizzard Wraith)

Favorite Fairway: Innova DX Gazelle

Favorite Midrange: TDIDI custom US Gold Eagle Coin (Champion Mako3)

Favorite putter: Still sorting those putter things out. Since I can’t throw one it’s usually my KC Pro Roc, Mako3, or my driver after parking it.



Shawn is the rookie of the group who right after he started hucking ’em with us…broke his arm at work.  He got in more than enough beforehand though to catch the fever!  All healed up, now he’s back to slinging plastic with the boys and already challenging the top of our leader board.  It may take him forever to finally huck it, but it’s hard to argue with his methods as he out drives us all.  

Favorite course: Kinder Farm Park all the way! Pretty good chance you’ll find him on one hole or another almost every day of the week.

PDGA #: 129578, thanks mom and dad!

Interests outside of DG: Stacking gold and silver coins, playing poker, metal casting, taking my pitbull to the park and community beach, blowing off the meanest backyard firework displays you’ve ever seen, and trying to get my white boy rhythm back and improve my dance moves.

Sports outside of DG: May not have been blessed with what you’d call and athletic frame. More built to sling plastic than anything else, but I love kayaking, hiking, and getting dragged all over the park by my dog that weighs more than I do…really should be a sport!

The Basics on The Burkeman

Nickname: The Burkeman, Jojo, Stretch, Pipeline, White Lightning (so he says)

Age: Newly Wed (whole life ahead of him…)

Area of Origin: A true Annapolitan, Jojo holds the home field advantage.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Oh, it’s Hammertime! Many years of baseball, and a trebuche for a right arm, has Jojo deadly accurate with the Hammer and Thumber.

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Hammertime Champion Destroyer

Favorite Fairway: X to the Z edition Star Mamba

Favorite Midrange: Usually pull out my trusty Leopard for upshots. It’s all about the second shot baby!



"The Burkeman"

The Burkeman is without question The Spirit of our little Huck Crew.  We all have one of those friends who’s ready to Do It at the drop of a hat, whatever “It” is…that’s The Burkeman!  His energy is infectious and almost impossible to resist.  But really who’d want to?!?  He’s also our acting Sherpa having been born and raised in these parts.  Always ready to lead us into our next adventure, Jojo brings enough Doing It to keep our whole group going at all times!

Favorite putter: Does it really even matter when you can’t make any of them find the chains? Fine, my Aviar that I aptly named Dr. Hole Seeker MD.

Favorite course: Kinder Farm Park! Jojo grew up as a wee lad hucking his way though the woods of KFDGC. With around three full decades abusing the trees here, he has elevated himself to Sherpa status on these trails.

PDGA #: (expired)

Interests outside of DG: Mostly making his new wife happy, jamming out to old vinyl, long walks with Lefty, camping, fishing, taking endless lesson from Old Man Cobbers in NBA 2K, and most importantly being a bad ass disc golf dad to the newest member of his family and our Huck Crew!

Sports outside of DG: Basketball, baseball, ball golf, kayaking, skiing, biking, foosball, cornhole, darts and really any other sport that allows you to play with a beer in one hand.

The Basics on X to the Z

Nickname: X to the Z, Xander, The Gator, Del, Chris?

Age: Wizard level (above Harry Potter but younger than Gandalf)

Area of Origin: High atop the Pocono mountains

Prefered throwing style: Forehand and Backhand

Favorite throw: The hyzer flip

Favorite Driver: Prodigy 400g D2, Dynamic Discs Vandal, Innova Sidewinder, MVP Fission Photon

Favorite Fairway: Innova Leopard, Legacy Rival, Innova Firebird

Favorite Midrange: Axiom Theory, Innova Roc (all), DD Justice, Prodigy A1


Xander Zaretzit

"X to the Z"

Xander is a late addition to our crew, and the first member of the TDIDI Army to be officially indoctrinated into the TDIDI Huck Crew!  From Shakespearean level commenter on our videos, to long distance disc dyeing mentor, to ski trip bunk up, to huck buddy and friend, X is the actual embodiment of what makes the TDIDI Army so awesome.  Now, just another one of the stooges in our crew!

Favorite putter:  DD Keystone, Reptilian Disc Stego (quite possibly the MOST overstable disc in the known universe…cuz yeah, that’s how I roll.)

Favorite course: Villas Crossing, course no longer exists but at the time it was a divine design. Butter Valley DGC, Steal Club DGC, Blue Mountain DGC, and Muddy Run DGC are my runner ups.

PDGA #: (none currently)

Interests outside of DG: I’m a disc dyer as well as a cinephile (I like watching shows and movies) and a foodie.

Sports outside of DG: ski/snowboarding, biking, ice/inline skating, competitive eating (I just lose a lot).