TDIDI FAQS...and other Acronyms

Okay maybe TDIDI FAQs are all the acronyms we got, at least for this page.  We’ve fielded loads of disc dyeing question from the TDIDI Army over the past couple of years. Below is a compilation of the ones that seem to come up most often.  Just click any of the questions listed below to activate the drop down for your answers.  Don’t see the question you’re looking to have answered below?  Fill out our FAQs Form on the bottom, we’ll start shaking up the Magic 8-ball and get back at you with the answers in a jiff!  Remember, knowledge isn’t power.  Applied knowledge is power.  You’ve got the answers, now go and Do It!

Frequently Asked Questions

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We dye commissioned projects at TDIDI each its’ own individual creation made for its’ new owner.  Some take a day or two to complete, some a week.  It all depends on what exactly it is you’re looking to have done to the disc to make it all your own.  Visit our Custom Disc Dye Order Form to tell us all about the custom you’d like created and we’ll have a mock up of your stencil and quote ready in no time flat.  All that said, most TDIDI custom disc dyes range from $25 – $50 before plastic and shipping.

Ideally we like to turn orders over within two weeks.  That said, we’re not a production factory and orders can stack up in times of high demand pushing turn around times out as far as a month.  Only one way to find out where we’re at right now, fill out our Custom Disc Dye Order Form and get the process started!

Not unlike with our custom disc dyes, every custom stamp design is different.  It all depends on what exactly it is you’re looking for in a custom stamp.  Visit our Custom Stamp Order Form to tell us all about the stamp you’d like created and we’ll have a quote ready in no time flat.  All that said, most TDIDI custom stamp designs range from $25 – $50 unless also being purchase with a disc.

In short, you tell us all about the stamp that’s in your mind’s eye and send us a few images you might want incorporated into the design then we take it from there.  We’ll work up a couple of preliminary ideas and a quote based on the complexity of your design, then move forward with creating your stamp after approval.

There’s a couple of things I do to help with bubbles in the lotion bed. First, I’ve started making the lotion beds a few hours in advance of using them. Every once in a while I pick it up a little and drop it back down on the counter. The little smack helps bring bubbles to the top and pop them as well. What doesn’t pop I try to take care of with the poker. Then 20-30 minutes later I circle back and repeat the process. By the time I’m ready to use it the large majority of the bubbles are out. If you have a little foot heater, setting the bed in front of it will also help bring the bubbles to the top while it sits. Another option is to quickly run a small torch over the top.  You just want to make sure you don’t let it get too hot to the point where the lotion gets too soupy. The other thing I’ll say that has been helping, is when you squirt the lotion into the plate (or whatever you’re using) do it gently and not all straight into the center. Squeezing too hard forces air through the bottle with the lotion, and squirting it all into the same spot seem to trap air that does come through deep down. I squirt it slowly in a spiral from the center out. The other thing that can introduce air bubbles into the bed is when you’re raking the design. Slide the McPokerton, or whatever you’re using, into the bed slowly and intentionally.  Drag it through slowly, then pull it back out slowly. This might all sound a little ridiculous, but I’ve noticed most of my air bubbles now are right on the rake line because I was too rough with it.

I don’t really have an exact measurement for iDye or ProChem to acetone. If I were forced to guess though I would say ¼ tsp to about 3 oz of acetone. Your best bet is always to test your mix out and see if you like the color or shade. I keep a white disc that I use occasionally, it has
hundreds of test brush marks on it at this point. If you want it darker add a little more dye, lighter add a little more acetone. Equally as important is making sure all of the powder is fully mixed and dissolved into the acetone. Sometimes just shaking the crap out of it doesn’t get the job
done and you’ll see particulate still in the mix. I usually bring in a little heat at this point spinning the bottle over a candle for a minute. Be very careful if you try this the acetone is SUPER flammable. If there’s even a little on the outside of the bottle it will go up in flames, so wipe it down good.  Also, while heating it pressure will build up inside as the acetone starts to vaporize a little. When you reopen the bottle it will hiss and spit from the pressure. I reopen it with a paper towel around the cap to curb the mess.

The lotion mix I use is still an evolving work in progress, and I use different ratios at different times for different effects.  That said, the base that I’m typically working from is roughly ¼ tsp of ProChem (or iDye), mixed with just enough acetone (or same color Worm Dip) to swish it around and start dissolving it, then about 3-4 oz of cocoa butter.  It’s crucially important to stir, mix, and shake it all up until the dye is evenly distributed throughout the lotion.

In the glue mix I use it is typically about 1 oz of Floetrol, 3 oz of white glue, about ¼ tsp of ProChem or iDye, and a splash of acetone. I put the Floetrol in the cup first, then drop in the powdered dye. Then comes a dash of acetone, just enough to wet all the dye. Then I mix that up all real good, then add the white glue and mix it a whole bunch more. Just like with the Lotion/Dye mix, stir shake and mix it long enough for the dye to be evenly distributed throughout the glue. This mix transfers well to the disc in different mediums, but best when I use in a white glue bed and with a little heat on it while it sits.

Pretty simple. One whole pack of black iDye Poly, a ¼ tsp scoop of brown iDye Poly, and large mason jar of water. I first heated the water up to just before boiling, then added the dyes and mixed it up real good until all of the particulate was fully dissolved. Then the dye mix is poured into the electric skillet and kept between 125 – 150 degrees. The dye mix can be kept and reused over and over again. Just add a little more water or dye over time as needed, and stir it up good again each time.

More often than not I set the disc in front of a little foot heater (the kind that sits under your desk) overnight. I’ve used heat lamps and heat mats as well, but I just like the foot heater a little better. It’s amazing the difference adding heat to the bed can help with color saturation. I use it for almost every glue bed I make, and some lotion beds. Be careful, adding heat can be a tricky balance with lotion beds, too much can liquify the bed and compromise the integrity of the design.

This really depends on a couple of different factors. Mainly what type of plastic are you dyeing, and what type of dye or dye mix are you using. A very general answer is about 8-12 hours for Star-like plastics and 24-48 hours for Champion-like plastics. That’s relatively consistent across most dyeing methods. One thing that can shorten the time is using straight dye in the bed (like for a lotion swirl or time warp) instead of a dye mix. The straight dye will typically penetrate the plastic quicker than when it’s mixed with other mediums. Heat can also help reduce the time in the bed, or improve the color saturation over the same time. Just be careful not to overdo it and liquify your lotion bed (glue beds usually hold up to the heat no problem) with too much heat.

The Fiebing’s is much different than the other dyes because its not a Poly dye and wasn’t really intended for plastics. That said, when I still use it (which I’m starting to move over to hot dips pretty exclusively for the black now, much cleaner and just as black) I let the disc sit for a few days after putting it on. The dye dries in a couple of hours and cures in a few days. After it has fully cured you should be set. Just remember that if you’re bringing more dye to the disc after, any acetone in the mix will reactivate the black and smear/smudge it again.  This is where it all started for us and helped created so many awesome discs, but I doubt I’ll use Fiebing’s again unless I’m actually dyeing some leather.

Dye Acceptability Chart

The most popular question we get has to do with the Dye Acceptability of different plastics.  This chart that was put together by Mr. Scott Case is the best and most comprehensive breakdown I’ve seen yet.  He was awesome enough to give us permission to display it here on our site to help guide all of us through our pressing plastic decisions.  

Chart courtesy of Mr. Scott Case

Still have questions?

Don’t worry if you’re still left with questions, we’re here to help.  Fill out the form on the right detailing your question and we’ll get back to you with the best answers we got.  Yours could just be the next question listed here on our FAQs page helping other new disc dyers find their way down through the wormhole.

The Basics on Bone

Nickname: Bone, Boner, Wannabone

Age: Chris is the more than just the token Asian of our group, he’s also our only Millennial.

Area of Origin: Imported all the way over from under the rains of Seattle.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Signature Flip Flop Backhand Bomb

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Bone Huckface (Discmania Freak)

Favorite Fairway: The TDIDI custom Geometric Spiral Flick I stole out of Cobbers bag a couple years back.

Favorite Midrange: TDIDI custom Seattle Seahawks Skyline Innova Star Gator




Bone brings the laughter…once he finally arrives.  Seriously, try and get all the way through Hole 1 still mad at him for being late, again.  Slow as he may be getting there he’s always quick in the box, and quick with a crooked smile follow by his signature chuckle.  Along with having mastered the art of driving in flip flops, Bone helps our Huck Crew keep things light and always filled with the kind of laughter that hurts your stomach a little!  Get ’em Bone!

Favorite putter: The Judge, and the verdict is in! None of us can keep up with Bone’s short game.

Favorite course: How can you not pick Druid Hill?!? Three full 18 holes courses, awesome DG scene, and all the trees you could ever want to hit!

PDGA #: (none currently) They’re just giving those out now?

Interests outside of DG: Camping, fishing, tending to his whip, driving fast, video games, chasing Mila around the yard, pool parties, and the occassional good old fashion game of shot dog.

Sports outside of DG: Ball golf, basketball, kayaking, snow boarding, biking, can-jam, smash ball, played some mean offensive line back in the day, figure skating, and interpretive dance.

The Basics on Old Man Cobbers

Nickname: Old Man Cobbers, Cobbers, Bob Cobb, Bobby Digital, Digital

Age: Obviously the old man of the crew…the beard is greying quickly.

Area of Origin: In the outskirts of the City of Brotherly Love, Go Birds!

Preferred throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Man I wish I could still throw my Thumber! While the old wing is recovering we’ll say it’s the Anny Backhand.

Favorite Driver: Scott Semposki edition “Crooked Dome” Star Sidewinder

Favorite Fairway: Tough call, but I’m going with my Champion Leopard3. Second disc I ever spun on the turntable.

Favorite Middy: Greg Renfro edition “War of the Worlds” Westside Tournament Warship


"Old Man Cobbers"

With several decades traveling around the sun, and the most senior member of our Crew, Cobbers has earned the Old Man ribbing he takes from the rest of the group.  Through all the travels and up and downs along the way, there’s always been Disc Golf there to escape to and feel like a kid again.  You can usually find him seeking that buzz that comes from one ripping off your fingertips, or spinning another fancied up piece of plastic from off his turntable in The Box.

Favorite putter:  TDIDI custom “D in the B” Discraft Zepplin. Maybe one of these days I’ll figure out how to use it.

Favorite course: I’m a real sucker for the whole circuit of courses we regularly tour in this great state of Maryland from Kinder Farm Park, to Rockburn, to Druid Hill. But I’ll always be a Philly boy at heart, and after just one round at Sedgley Woods I knew I was home. Love that place!

PDGA #: (none currently) Afraid my rating would break the system.

Interests outside of DG: Kind of into disc dyeing, painting, fishing, camping, rebuilding my camper for a 2nd life on the road, giving Jojo NBA 2K lessons (and other video games), and piloting the TDIDI Warship.

Sports outside of DG: Basketball, kayaking, skiing, biking, billiards, darts, horseshoes, and football back in the glory days.

The Basics on Bommers

Nickname: Bommers, Boms, BomBoms, Tommy Buttcheeks, T-Cheekers

Age: He’ll never tell

Area of Origin: Straight from the center of Sin City, VEGAS BABY! Or maybe it’s from out in the cornfields of PA? Whatever, he’s here now.

Prefered throwing style: Forehand Flicker and the occasional Backhand

Favorite throw: The Flick…I just like to flick it.

Favorite Driver: Feel the wrath of the Wraith!

Favorite Fairway: Feel more of the wrath of the Wraith!

Favorite Middy: SKEETER! When you hear it yelled out good things are about to happen. …or more of the wrath of the Wraith!



Boms brings the energy!  Real piece of work that guy…  You can’t go a round without hearing him bellow out a “DEUCE”, or “UGH Upper Lipper”, or “OOOOHHH NOOOOOOO!”  Which ever it is, everyone always knows where we’re at on the course when Bommers is along announcing the good times.  He’s our group’s only regular forehand flicker and has honed his trusty Wraith in for virtually any spot on the course.  Get it Bommers!

Favorite Putter: Goes back and forth on every hole. Wizard to the Judge then back to the Wraith, seriously!

Favorite course: Boms loves that short to short layout at Calvert Road Park. Just don’t ask him to play from the long tees, Ace hunting is his thing!

PDGA #: (none currently) No chance they’d give him one.

Interests outside of DG: Camping, fishing, loves fixing and building stuff (usually after breaking it), video games, masterful with the camcorder, good food, and portion control.

Sports outside of DG: Kayaking, skiing, beer pong, cornhole, foosball, most all carnival games really (especially ringing the bell with that big hammer), can we count camping and fishing again here so I feel more like an athlete?

The Basics on 44

Nickname: 44, VP Incorporated, SPB

Age: Stopped counting years and started counting coins about 5 years back.

Area of Origin: Born here, raised here, probably die here.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand with a burgeoning Forehand Flick

Favorite throw: The 44 Hyzer Bomb

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Captain Caveman (Champion Blizzard Wraith)

Favorite Fairway: Innova DX Gazelle

Favorite Midrange: TDIDI custom US Gold Eagle Coin (Champion Mako3)

Favorite putter: Still sorting those putter things out. Since I can’t throw one it’s usually my KC Pro Roc, Mako3, or my driver after parking it.



Shawn is the rookie of the group who right after he started hucking ’em with us…broke his arm at work.  He got in more than enough beforehand though to catch the fever!  All healed up, now he’s back to slinging plastic with the boys and already challenging the top of our leader board.  It may take him forever to finally huck it, but it’s hard to argue with his methods as he out drives us all.  

Favorite course: Kinder Farm Park all the way! Pretty good chance you’ll find him on one hole or another almost every day of the week.

PDGA #: 129578, thanks mom and dad!

Interests outside of DG: Stacking gold and silver coins, playing poker, metal casting, taking my pitbull to the park and community beach, blowing off the meanest backyard firework displays you’ve ever seen, and trying to get my white boy rhythm back and improve my dance moves.

Sports outside of DG: May not have been blessed with what you’d call and athletic frame. More built to sling plastic than anything else, but I love kayaking, hiking, and getting dragged all over the park by my dog that weighs more than I do…really should be a sport!

The Basics on The Burkeman

Nickname: The Burkeman, Jojo, Stretch, Pipeline, White Lightning (so he says)

Age: Newly Wed (whole life ahead of him…)

Area of Origin: A true Annapolitan, Jojo holds the home field advantage.

Prefered throwing style: Backhand and Overhand

Favorite throw: Oh, it’s Hammertime! Many years of baseball, and a trebuche for a right arm, has Jojo deadly accurate with the Hammer and Thumber.

Favorite Driver: TDIDI custom Hammertime Champion Destroyer

Favorite Fairway: X to the Z edition Star Mamba

Favorite Midrange: Usually pull out my trusty Leopard for upshots. It’s all about the second shot baby!



"The Burkeman"

The Burkeman is without question The Spirit of our little Huck Crew.  We all have one of those friends who’s ready to Do It at the drop of a hat, whatever “It” is…that’s The Burkeman!  His energy is infectious and almost impossible to resist.  But really who’d want to?!?  He’s also our acting Sherpa having been born and raised in these parts.  Always ready to lead us into our next adventure, Jojo brings enough Doing It to keep our whole group going at all times!

Favorite putter: Does it really even matter when you can’t make any of them find the chains? Fine, my Aviar that I aptly named Dr. Hole Seeker MD.

Favorite course: Kinder Farm Park! Jojo grew up as a wee lad hucking his way though the woods of KFDGC. With around three full decades abusing the trees here, he has elevated himself to Sherpa status on these trails.

PDGA #: (expired)

Interests outside of DG: Mostly making his new wife happy, jamming out to old vinyl, long walks with Lefty, camping, fishing, taking endless lesson from Old Man Cobbers in NBA 2K, and most importantly being a bad ass disc golf dad to the newest member of his family and our Huck Crew!

Sports outside of DG: Basketball, baseball, ball golf, kayaking, skiing, biking, foosball, cornhole, darts and really any other sport that allows you to play with a beer in one hand.

The Basics on X to the Z

Nickname: X to the Z, Xander, The Gator, Del, Chris?

Age: Wizard level (above Harry Potter but younger than Gandalf)

Area of Origin: High atop the Pocono mountains

Prefered throwing style: Forehand and Backhand

Favorite throw: The hyzer flip

Favorite Driver: Prodigy 400g D2, Dynamic Discs Vandal, Innova Sidewinder, MVP Fission Photon

Favorite Fairway: Innova Leopard, Legacy Rival, Innova Firebird

Favorite Midrange: Axiom Theory, Innova Roc (all), DD Justice, Prodigy A1


Xander Zaretzit

"X to the Z"

Xander is a late addition to our crew, and the first member of the TDIDI Army to be officially indoctrinated into the TDIDI Huck Crew!  From Shakespearean level commenter on our videos, to long distance disc dyeing mentor, to ski trip bunk up, to huck buddy and friend, X is the actual embodiment of what makes the TDIDI Army so awesome.  Now, just another one of the stooges in our crew!

Favorite putter:  DD Keystone, Reptilian Disc Stego (quite possibly the MOST overstable disc in the known universe…cuz yeah, that’s how I roll.)

Favorite course: Villas Crossing, course no longer exists but at the time it was a divine design. Butter Valley DGC, Steal Club DGC, Blue Mountain DGC, and Muddy Run DGC are my runner ups.

PDGA #: (none currently)

Interests outside of DG: I’m a disc dyer as well as a cinephile (I like watching shows and movies) and a foodie.

Sports outside of DG: ski/snowboarding, biking, ice/inline skating, competitive eating (I just lose a lot).